7 Tips For Better Reception On Short Wave Radio Listening

Please follow my seven tips for your better SW Radio Listening Experience:

sony icf sw 7600 gr

1) Keep your SW Radio away from Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Generators like Laptop charger, Electronic Ballast, Light dimmer, AC adapters, Plasma TVs.

RF coils

2) Stay Away from Electrical Noise Producing Appliances like Fluorescent/Neon Lamps, Computers, Air Conditioning Units and Generators etc.

3) Stay away from any kind of Transmitters (i.e. TV, Radio, Mobile),

transmitting station

4) Steel framed concrete buildings are not favorable for better Reception. So Try to place your Radio near the Window if possible facing the direction of the Broadcasting Transmitter.

building window

5) Your SW Radio built-in antenna is enough for reproducing the transmitted audio but some time it is proved that an external antenna helps for better reception condition. Never use an antenna outside with open wire or without insulation wire. Radio manufacturer supplied long wire or reel antenna could be used for the safety from thunderstorms.

A sony loop in door antenna

6) Use Rechargeable Batteries instead of AC adapters. Ac adapter often causes humming noise.

Rechargeable battery

7) Most of Radio have tiny little speaker we can use Stereo headphone for better audio.

A headphone

Hoping these 7 tips will be helpful for both New and Old Dxers, 73’s.

Please watch my youtube video on this topics

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