White Poison The Silent Killer

What is“White Poison”?
Do you know about “White Poison”? Let’s take a look. We are busier than ever and often don’t have time to search for healthy food. We also consume more carbohydrates these days – which converts to glucose. Glucose has a high glycemic index, which raises our blood sugar very quickly. Our pancreas then tries to produce more insulin to manage these excess sugars. Excess glucose is very harmful for our body. Most people do not perform heavy, manual work anymore, and that is what helps the body to consume all that excess glucose.
Our daily intake of carbohydrates comes from flour, rice and sugar. When these have been artificially refined, we call it “White Poison”. The refining process is used to whiten rice, flour and sugar by artificially adding chemicals. Any refined processing is bad for our health. This process not only adds chemicals, but also removes natural minerals and dietary fibers. The same thing occurs for table salt – organic salt is OK – but chemical white salt is not only bad, it’s the main source of cardiovascular diseases.
Let’s look at our daily intake of white foods… foods which have less fiber, essential vitamins, protein, nutrients, enzymes, and micro elements.

White poisoned foods

Dietary fibers are mostly removed from natural rice and flour, which is needed for a healthy bowel.
Perhaps you have heard of hydros. Hydros is a chemical toxic for human health, and is commonly used in sugar processing plants. To meet the white sugar demand, this chemical is used in treating white sugar.
The same thing happens with salt processing. Natural salt is a dark colour, and consumers don’t like that colour – we want it white!
Modern rice processing plants – called Auto Rice Mills – are also doing bad things. They cut the outer layer of rice and add various chemicals for smoothness and whitening. Rice losses its nutrients. The World Health Organization has warned us about this serious health-harming issue.
So what do we do now if we want to live healthily? It’s very simple. Go back in time, when our foods had wonderful fragrances and tastes – although those foods were often dark in color! These dark foods offer the vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid, copper, zinc, iron and fiber required for a healthy, better functioning body.
Here you can see those healthily colored foods -which you can try today for a healthier and chemical free life.

brown foods we’d intake

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